Control of reconciliation templates
and timetable checklists

All the evidence of your reconciliations on a single platform

Pendencies Checklist

Control of pendiencies and checklist to expected date to conclusion; directory to supporting files and pendencies uploading and account-to-account online supporting documentation.

Charts and Reports

Online access to reports and charts in real time, allowing management to accounting pending, Aging charts and processes follow-up.


Email notification

Configuration of the function of sending emails in different patterns for daily or periodic triggering to inform of pending and conciliation deadlines.


Less hours of audit. Full consultation access to auditors and reports extraction with a direct link to the annexes and support without needing a register in the system.

I want to optimize Governance and Complience

Follow up your pendings in real-time

Follow-up of pendings and history tracking month by month via Aging Report

PZM Enterprise

Real-time Updates

PZM aging report allows the improvement of management and clarity for decision-making and backlog tracking at its source, considering accounting pending issues, volume, amounts per owner.


Automated Reports

Real-time data analysis, integrated charts and reporting generation via Analytics

PZM Enterprise

Intelligence and analysis

The growing need to intelligently and analytically process data makes our Analytics platform a leap in intelligence and control of information crucial to security, reporting and auditing in the accounting area. Access and extract data and reports in real time.

PZM Enterprise

Dynamic Extraction

The time invested in the assembly of reports and spreadsheets can be invested in better analysis and development of intelligence by your team. The centralization of reconciliations in an online database allows the crossing of information that allows great gains for high management and governance.

I want to optimize my processes


The system has up five approvers per account and detailed history


Function segregation is one of the key point to the information security on the platform. Analysts only have access to the sheets that are on their behalf by safeguarding the approval and support history.

Approval Flow

Eliminates spreadsheets making and ensures process security. Generates a flow of approvals for each task in the area and a checklist with deadlines and defined owners at each stage of the Accounting Reconciliation process.

Charts and Reports

Generation of KPI Reports – per owner of status of reconciliations and data crossing the balances and risks analysis, with dashboards presenting progress in real time.

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What our clients Say

Some statements from our clients

“We have been working with PZM Enterprise for 1 year and 3 months and are very pleased with the benefits provided by this tool. Our printing costs have greatly reduced, we gained time in the preparation and approval of conciliation sheets. We have already gone through External Audit and the system has been highly praised by the Auditors.”
Ricardo Silveira
PZM Enterprise is an important tool to optimize the management of Accounting Reconciliations! Provides agility, security and control of the company's accounting activities.”
Wendel Angelo
PZM is a highly effective tool for managing companies with large numbers of establishments. It is essential to have resources that optimize time and provide us with up-to-date information with agility and assertiveness, facilitating control, compliance with deadlines and generating information to all stakeholders.”
Andre Ferreira
Tax Compliance

Companies who Trust PZM ENTERPRISE

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Data analysis

Run tests and manage reports with your company’s data to asses how the tool can meet the expectation of viewing and analyzing your data.

Gain in hours

Throughout the tests you and your team can prove the time gain considering the order and the flow of processes.

Energy and focus

Time gains and agility with increased information security and assertiveness are reversed in increasing your team's performance.


Assess how integrated actions between analysts and approvers will increase the quality of governance, compliance and gain indices in audit hours.


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